About Us

since 2018

Public aquariums have become popular and the number has increased, their responsibility has kept pace with this development, but not all infrastructures have done the same. Some are over 30 years old and maintenance is essential to solve some issues related to the age of the building (acrylic, concrete, metal, etc.).

The need to repair aquariums implies that this is done without impacting the aquatic environment and without stressing the animals, usually made by resorting to handling due to the need to empty the tanks or the use of less suitable means and tools.

The technical and scientific experience in these areas of maintenance is highly valued, as it allows aquariums to reach high levels of quality reflected in the revenue.

Filipe & Jaime


We aim for a better future for acrylic polishing, creating huge technological advances and achieving new levels of quality, expertise, security and problem solving to which our brand relates.


Maintenance of large aquariums, helping to preserve the oceans and all marine ecosystems.